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2013 Big Data Seminar & Summer Workshop

posted Dec 9, 2013, 8:19 PM by Admin ICTPS
The 2013 Big Data Seminar & Summer Workshop has been held in  KITA Daejeon Center on August 7, 2013 and its main theme is "Big Data platform for achieving Government 3.0".

The first plenary talk entitled "Government 3.0 and the roles of NCIA", has been given by Woo Han Kim, President of National Computing & Information Agency (NCIA) which is loacted in Daejeon. And professor Manjae Lee from Seoul National University has given the second plenary talk entitled "Practical examples for Big Data Visualization".

ICT companies such as IOVTECH, MOS Asia, Oracle Korea, SAS Korea have presented their technical issues and best practices for contructing Big Data infrastructures of the government and public institutions".

Finally, professor Nam-Yong Lee, from Soongsil University, Korea has given his prestigious talk, "National IT strategy for preparing the next century in terms of creative economic generation".

On the other hand, there was a combination of paper presentations of various researchers, including professors and graduate students.

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