About Us

Who We Are

ICT Platform Society is a non-profit organization which is authorized by MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) of Korea Government. The goal of the Society is to share knowledge and experience of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) experts in academia, industry, research institutes, and national/local government, for promoting the development of the ICT platform areas, which cover all aspects of IT, communications, IT convergence, ubiquitous engineering, embedded systems, multimedia computing, biotechnology, and next-generation ICT technology.

Our Mission

Now is the age of the platforms. Already Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and other big players of ICT have been redefining their businesses and now they are preempting cloud platforms, big data platforms, and mobile platforms, and they have been strongly leading the global ICT industry, but most of ICT companies, especially in South Korea are not ready to compete with them, and rather weak in such emerging platform technology and business.

Our main concerns are focused on the Platforms, one of the key concepts of CPND (Contents, Platforms, Networks, and Devices). For example, Cloud platform, Grid platform, Big Data platform, Mobile platform, Software platform, and Open Architecture platform are very important topics for us. We would like to provide dynamic and active forums - such as domestic and international conferences, workshops, symposiums,  seminars, tutorials - to academic professionals, industrial engineers, institutional researchers, and governmental staffs for developing their knowledge and getting new insights. Furthermore, we will publish open-access journals to share state-of-art technologies, industrial best practices, and practical engineering know-hows.